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Slovakia is a landlocked country in a central Europe, which has an area covering up to 49,035 km2.  It is also known as a Mountain Queen in Central Europe i.e; “Carpathian mountains extending across Northern Half of the Country. UNESCO regarded Slovakia as Natural and Cultural heritage of Central Europe.

 Cosmenius University
 Technical University of Kosice
 Sovak Technical University in Bratislava
 University Of Economics
 Kosice Medical University
 University of Persov
  • There are 20 public and 10 Private Universities. Most courses are taught in English
  • Internationally accredited courses with QS ranking standard
  • Slovakian Economy is one of the emerging economical zones amongst Central Europe.
  • Job portal is easy to be accessed because of Schengen Visa
  • Nominal Fees Structure and Cost of living
  • Valid Passport
  • Academic Documents ( Notarized)
  • Letter of Recommendation ( 2no’s)
  • Resume(Updated)
  • University Application Form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Passport size photo (12 no’s)

  • Newlife Abroad is an organization with 15 employees having branches in Coimbatore and Chennai.
  • Newlife Abroad role is to get admission in various universities around the globe.
  • Newlife Abroad is professional overseas education Company since 2010.
  • We follow the hierarchy to get the students process smooth and successful way
  • We have divided the process into 3 stages.
  • When the student reaches Newlife Abroad office, we assist the student to fill the enquiry forms & we arrange them to sit for counseling sessions.
  • We Newlife Abroad understand the student needs & demands and we give counseling to the student according to their needs & demands.
  • Students come from different background and they ask for different queries.
  • We Newlife Abroad clear all the queries of the students and clear all their doubts.
  • We collect all the documents from the students and apply for the desired country where the students are interested.
  • Once the student documents are received from our end. We send it to the respective university to evaluate it and get confirmation from the university where the students are interested in.
  • Once the student document is received, we apply to the university where the student is interested.
  • Once we get the Offer letter we will issue the offer letter to the student within 2 or 3 weeks. We give it to the students without any delay.
  • In this process we do the Visa process. As we all know, each and every country has different rules and regulations. We understand the policy of the student visa for every country. We apply according to the visa requirement of each country.
  • We arrange all set of documents, fixing appointment with the embassy, preparing the student for visa interview. We give sample question paper to the students. So the student can prepare themselves well before going to the embassy.
  • Once the student attend the interview and complete the interview session, the student need not wait until the visa gets stamped. Student can come after finishing the interview from the embassy.
  • We Newlife Abroad will collect the student visa from the embassy and handover to the student in Newlife Office and make the student comfort
STAGE – 3:

One the student receive the visa, We need to arrange post landing process that includes:

  • Travel Arrangements
  • Ticketing
  • Forex and Money exchange
  • International bank accounts opening
  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodation Arrangements
  • Registration in the university