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Volgograd State Medical University is found in town city that is settled within the southern a part of Russia on the geographic area of the river. It started as a Medical Institute supported in 1935. In 1993 it got as a standing of the Academy, and in 2003 it absolutely was granted the standing of the University. it’s presently headed by the outstanding Russian man of science, doctor,- Academician of the Russian University for Medical Sciences, prof Vladimir . The Volgograd State Medical University is listed within the World Health Organization list of world medical council and recognized by MCI Volgograd State Medical University gained best and prime rank among the Russian Medical Universities. The Volgograd State Medical University has been accredited by the Ministry of Education of country to coach specialists for foreign countries. The University has been enclosed within the list of medical academic institutions recognized by World Health Organization that permits our graduates to carry employment in any country of the planet once taking national examinations


The Volgograd State Medical University has intensive international contacts and delegations from the USA, India, the People’s Republic of China, Asian nation and alternative countries headed by prime Embassy officers pay visits to the University. To any bilateral collaboration within the field of education, culture and analysis, the University has signed Associate in Nursing agreement on cooperation with a North Chinese University

The Volgograd State Medical University collaborates with the globe Health Organization (WHO), has intensive scientific contacts with several foreign higher academic establishments; it participates in joint international programs with Belgium, France, Germany, Arkansas University of Medical Sciences (USA) in such fields as medical practice, blood vessel high blood pressure, medicine, TB diagnosing and treatment, medical specialty, pharmacy, etc. The Russian-American family medicine Clinic has opened in Stalingrad recently, the primary one within the southern a part of Russia.

Volgograd State Medical University may be a massive scientific and academic center southern of Russia. There are more thane twenty higher academic institutions with over sixty thousand students in Stalingrad. The Stalingrad State Medical University set within the heart of town is that the leader among them. The Stalingrad Medical Institute was based in 1935. In 1993 it absolutely was granted the standing of the University. attributable to the State License N 24-0627 the University provides higher, supplementary, post-diploma and vocational training.

The Volgograd State Medical University has been licenced by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation to coach specialists for foreign countries. The Volgograd State Medical University has its own scientific and methodical faculties. The analysis Institute for medical specialty which for medical specialty square measure hooked up to the University. New trends in medical specialty, medical specialty, medical specialty and gynaecology, medicine, Dentistry, etc. square measure being developed.


  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education 
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine 
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty 


The Volgograd State Medical University has given rise to a number of research and methodological schools and centres. They are the Volgograd Branch of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences doing advanced research in the field of pharmacology, Research Institute of Rheumatology, the Regional Cardiology Centre, the Regional Urology Centre, etc.


  • Successful completion of higher secondary school.
  • Completion of tertiary education in case applying for Post-Graduate Education.
  • Minimum requirement is an average of 70% marks in higher secondary school including English. A proof of English language training may be required.
  • Guarantee for fulfillment of payment conditions.










Volgograd Medical University has 7 student hostels. There is separate accommodation for boys and girls for Indian students, University hostels offer shared and private rooms. In both cases, you can generally count on about 9 square meters of personal space furnished with a bed, table, and cabinet. In the dorm or nearby there are also generally cafeterias, snack bars, and/or cafes. The campus in Wi-Fi enabled and students can avail free internet. Student life at the Volgograd State Medical University and also the City of Volgograd itself is friendly has multiple interesting possibilities, and can be quite enjoyable.The University encourages students to celebrate their national festivals.Spectacular performances with folk songs and dances which are part of such celebration are admired by both students and academic staff.