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Vinnitsa Medical Institute n.a. N.I. Pirogov and since 1994 the University has been training competent doctors for 90 years. For this period about 44 thousands of specialists have been trained, who work in Ukraine and in many countries of the world.

Now training of specialists is carried out at 53 chairs, where the competent scientific-pedagogical staff works. Among them, there are an academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, 5 academicians and 5 members-correspondents of Academies of Science, 120 doctors of science, professors, 554 candidates of science, associated professors.

The Medical University has traditions in educational, research activity, organization of the students’ leisure, maintaining of heartly relations with the graduates.

Material-technical basis: 3 educational buildings, modern equipment, research centre and centre of new information technologies, more than 780 modern computers, which are connected up to Internet, large library (500 thousand books), own printing house.

The Muslim Center and the Mosque function near the University.

At the medical university 6250 students are trained, including 2080 foreigners. In total about 44000 doctors, among them 2100 specialists of the highest level, possessing the Candidate’s and Ph.D., M.D. degrees, including more than 7500 foreign citizens from 106 foreign countries of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa) have been trained.

Annually the University chairs issue 10-12 text-books of methodics and other educational-methodical materials for the foreign students.

The activity of the Medical University on training doctors among the foreign citizens, international collaboration and international relations are coordinated by the Vice-rector for international links.

In the structure of management of the international citizens’ education function the department for international links, the dean’s office of the preparatory faculty and the dean’s office for undergraduate and postgraduate international students.


  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education 
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine 
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty


For the next 3 years VNMUwill realizemultinational project, that has participants —  19 universities from different countries.
The PROJECT 530644-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-ES-TEMPUS-JPCR HUMAN Security (environment, quality of food, public health and society) on Territories, Contaminated by Radioactive Agents  will be financed by support of the European Commission for the results of the selection 2012 year.
The total cost of the project is 1 410 095,22 Euro.
The Grant-holder and the Coordinator of the project is University of Cordoba, Spain.

Partners of the project are:

1. Information Center for Nuclear Education (Russian Federation),
2. University of Florence (Italy),
3. Chelyabinsk State University (Russian Federation),
4. Swedish University of Agracias (Sweden),
5. University of Parma (Italy),
6. Zhytomyr State Technological University (Ukraine )
7. National Medical University, Vinnytsya (Ukraine);
8. National University of Nuclear Power Industry and transport (Ukraine),
9. International University of Kiev (Ukraine),
10. Voronezh State University (Russian Federation),
11. Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry and Forests (Ukraine),
12. International Environmental University of Sakharov (Republic of Belarus),
13. Grodno State Medical University (Belarus Republic),
14. Agrarian State University of Grodno (Republic of Belarus)
15. Belarusian State University (Republic of Belarus),
16. Riga Technical University (Lithuania),
17. Ural Federal University (Russian Federation),
18. Tyumen State Medical Academy (Russia);
The main aim of the project — development of the interdisciplinary  Master`s and Doctor`s programmes (PhD) in the field of security of population, that live on the territory, suffered from accidents on the nuclear facilities, plants for the reprocessing of nuclear waste, in the framework of the next specialties:«Human Security and Environment » (speciality «Ecology and Environment»), «Quality of  Food and Human Security» (specialties, that are relevant to the control of food quality) «Health Population and Human Security» (medical specialties) and also «Human Security and Society» (specialties, relevant to politology and sociology).

Projects of the program Tempusare aimed at the harmonization of system of the high education in Ukraine and The European Union. Since Master`s andPhD programmes in the field of «Human Security» are the new part in education, the development of educational program needs the support of the Universities from the European Union.

The result of the project for VNMU will be the creation and introduction of the educational program “The PublicHealth and Human Security” with issue of the double or multilateral general diploma. The program will be developed on the basis of the three-cycles system, using the European credit transfer – funded system (ECTFS) with mechanisms of the recognition of degrees. To the end of the project in 2015 year the programs are planned to introduce in 12 universities of the post-Soviet space (4 in Belarus, 4 in Russian Federation and 4 in Ukraine).

In the framework of realization the project it is provided the training of teachers on the base of the European Universities, training, conferences, summer schools, creation of the resources centers and electronic library. The best undergraduates and post-graduate students will have possibility since 2013 year to study in «transitional program » with defence of the dissertation to the completion of the project.

This project is directed on uniting the efforts of the European Union and Universities- partners, non- governmental and research organizations for training, retraining and improving of the qualification of specialists, that cansolve interdisciplinary problems in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and on territories, contaminated with radioactive agents with the purpose of human security.

Person, responsible for the project in VNMU — Associate Professor of the Social Medicine and  Organization of Health Protection Department, candidate medical sciences, Ruslana Kharkovenko.
21 — 23 November, 2012 year in University Cordova (Spain) was the 1 meeting of the Universities– partners, members of the TEMPUS project «HUMAN Security (environment, quality of food, public health and society) on Territories Contaminated by Radioactive Agents».
The consortium comprised of 19 partners — 5 Universitiesfrom the European Union (University of Cordova, University of Parma, University of Uppsala, University of Florence, University of Riga) and 4 Universities from the countries of the post-Soviet space (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), and also 1 non-governmental organization and 1research  centre.
Vinnytsya Pirogov Memorial Medical University entered in 2 working groups: development of the concept of the interdisciplinary training for undergraduates and post-graduate students in the field of human security and the development of the module «The Public Health and Human Security».

The project implementation period is 3 years. The project is financed by the European Union. The result of thecooperation is introduction of 1-2-yearundergraduate programs (60-120 credit units ECTS).

According to the project of the program it is expected, that on the base of the Social Medicine and Organization of Health Protection Department of  Vinnytsya Pirogov Memorial Medical University already in autumn 2013 will be selected the best post-graduate students, they will study in «transitional» post-graduate program. The best undergraduates and post-graduate students will get possibility for internship in European universities with defense the scientific works and obtaining the double-diplomas, that will be recognized in Europe.
For teaching discipline the educational trainings for teachers and development of the methodological materials are provided by the program of the project. In every University will be created resource centers and electronic library to every member of consortium. Also the summer schools, conferences and presentations for teachers and students are planned.

Person, responsible for the project in VNMU — Associate Professor of the Social Medicine and  Organization of Health Protection Department, candidate medical sciences, Ruslana Kharkovenko.




  • Successful completion of higher secondary school.
  • Completion of tertiary education in case applying for Post-Graduate Education.
  • Minimum requirement is an average of 70% marks in higher secondary school including English. A proof of English language training may be required.
  • Guarantee for fulfilment of payment conditions.


VINNYTSYA National University  has been listed in medical council of India. mci required 50% marks in physics ,chemistry and biology